Madam C.J. Walker: Creating a Booming Business

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Madam C.J. Walker, one of the first Entrepreneurial Ladies in Leadership continued her efforts for ladies in leadership by growing her business further.

Even though many women lined up for her product, she still didn’t have very much money. So, she wanted to move to Colorado and expand her business. C.J. moved from St. Louis to Colorado all on her own until a year later her husband came to Colorado and helped her with the business because it was growing exponentially. However, even in Colorado she felt she wasn’t aiding to enough women, so she packed up her things once again and moved to Indianapolis, which had access to railroads. This allowed for easier distribution of her productions and she was able to sell to a larger population of African American clients. C.J. ended up employing over three thousand people (mostly Black women) and they would sell her products door to door.

Madam C.J. Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower

Madam C.J. Walker, quickly became the first Black woman millionaire in America. She didn’t just establish a business to generate change, but she also established clubs for her staff and would try encourage them to give back to the community and when they showed generosity she would return their generosity with a bonus in gratitude. She was able to encourage solidarity within the community and encouraged others to aid to people who needed support.

Walker wanted to highlight women growth within the industry because jobs for Black women were very limited, so she promote female creativity and only allowed a woman to serve as president of the company. C.J. didn’t spend her wealth carelessly, rather she gave back most of her money to charitable organizations that promoted leadership within Black communities. She would donate to the NAACP, The Black YMCA and many others.

Walker served as a prime example of women empowerment and was very generous despite the adversity she had to overcome to get to where she was. She had to fight against those who discriminated against her due to her gender and race. She also had to fight for power during a time that didn’t recognize a Black woman’s abilities. She inspired many women to lead and become businesswoman as well. Madam C.J. Walker made significant strives for women, especially women of color in allowing them to see that they are able to succeed despite the hardships that follow with being a Black woman in a white male dominated world.

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