Success Stories

Startup Incubation Success Stories

Below are a selection of case studies from HBICHQ Startup Incubation Grant Recipients.


This HBIC is a single mom from Concord, NH and a graduate of our Pave the Path to Success program.

A former foster youth, she was in “in the system” since childhood and wanted a better future for herself and for her preteen child. 

Her goal was to provide an income opportunity where she could make her own hours, the more she works the more she earns. She also wanted to provide work experience for her child and other local teens as a way to promote responsibility and to keep them off the streets.

She applied for the Incubation grant program with a business plan and a personal video presentation. She was awarded a grant, leading to the creation of her natural homecare startup.

She was guided through the training process and participated in a suggested admin automation course extension to help her successfully run her company.

By the time she had completed the training process she had established her brand and created a simple and effective website where clients can easily book services online.  


This HBIC has a passion for healing and is a professional Reiki master. By the time she attended her first HBICHQ workshop she already had a thriving Reiki practice in a local shop in her town of Pulaski, TN and was ready for the next step in her career development and her path to help others.

Thanks to our programs she was inspired to expand upon her passion for creating soothing skincare products – handmaking products for her mother who was battling cancer at the time and couldn’t tolerate certain soaps or fragrances.

After participating in the Pave the Path to Success program she applied for the Incubation grant program and was approved. The incubation program guided her through the entire process of creating her organic skincare and cosmetics business. In the end she established a new online store along with a kickoff plan and a promotional marketing strategy.


The authors of the Pin Up Boot Camp book began their journey with live workshops teaching pin up models and burlesque performers how to get into the business safely, manage their time and resources, make the most of their wardrobe and makeup skills, and overcome body-image issues.

They realized they needed to reach more people than just those who were able to attend their live workshops.

They applied for an Incubation Grant and were awarded a grant to help them self-publish this book. The HBICHQ Incubation program helped them build their personal brands and create a community around the principles of their book, including a Launch program and engagement strategies. Now their readers have a platform to connect and support each other during the Boot Camp.

Their book helped to create a movement, connecting women in the pin up modeling and burlesque industry.  From there they were featured in various publications and events, including the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.


This HBIC has a love of cooking and wanted start a food business but she didn’t know where to begin. She attended a Circle Challenge about creative business creation, and then she got to work. At first she wasn’t sure exactly which direction she wanted to go and was overwhelmed with the choices; since she had never created a business before she was lacking confidence and know-how. After the Circle, she had a brand new business plan in hand. That’s when she realized her dream could become a reality.

She submitted her Incubation application, which included this new business plan, and her business goal was approved. She was guided and supported every step of the way along the Incubation training process and throughout the grant application process. In the end she was awarded a grant to help her business get started. 

Thanks to the HBICHQ Startup Incubation Grant, she was able to create a solid foundation to run a successful business. 

As part of the Incubation process, she established a brand name, designed a logo and style sheet, secured her branded url, and created her website with SEO-enriched introductory content as a first step to establish her brand.

At the end of the Incubation process, she created a launch event and corresponding marketing plan to help her get the word out and start building her income potential doing what she loves.


This HBIC has a thriving and successful experiential marketing company that she created with her business partner. Together they produced marketing tour for the likes of Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville products, Starbucks VIA, Cartoon Network, and more. 

She found us through our Mentorship Program as a Certified Mentor. Though her business was already established, she wanted to create a media production company as a separate arm of her business so she could operate during the pandemic as travel and events were closed.

After applying for the Incubator Grant with the business plan for her new company she was awarded Incubation training to help get her media startup well underway.

During the Incubation training she was guided through the strategic partnership process and has now successfully aligned her new media production startup with a social media website that caters specifically to her market of special events producers, brand ambassadors, fabricators, and event designers. Due to this pivot she was able to provide for herself and her employees.


HON Studios was created by a group of three women who are members of the HBICHQ community. After participating in the Women’s Mentorship Certification together they decided to combine their hustles and create a business they each could run while taking care of their families. 

Each of the founders completed the Mentorship Certification and was paired with a Pave the Path to Success participant. 

They were awarded a grant which resulted in an engaging website optimized for multiple income streams relevant to their content production, including passive income channels.

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