Our Dedication

Our Mission Statement

HBICHQ (Head *Boss* In Charge Headquarters) is built on the idea that people should have a dedicated support system and ready access to the tools and education to help them achieve financial freedom, regardless of their current situation. Our dedication is to see more Women & BIPOC Owned Businesses drive our future.

We pledge to achieve this by empowering independance and entrepreneurship through programs focusing on professional and personal development for all women, indigenous individuals, persons of color, and youth. As a 501c3 nonprofit, our charitable programs support survivors of domestic abuse, homelessness, former foster youth, or other adversities.

The HBIC HQ Foundation supports these individuals by helping them create a strong financial future. Most of these individuals feel financially trapped by their situation; we provide a practical approach to entrepreneurship so they can build their own financial foundation. Additionally many of the people in our program are not able to secure traditional employment due to lack of child care or transportation, or due to other issues that may flag a background check.

We help to bridge this gap by providing an actionable solution for them to start working and earning a living. Our vanguard program, Pave the Path to Success, provides practical education and support for qualified individuals. Graduates of this program are eligible to apply for an Entrepreneurship Startup Grant to help get them set up for success. Our secondary program, Turn the Key to Success, provides entry into a turnkey business for graduates of our vanguard program so they can start earning from day one.