Figure Skater Bradie Tannell

Bradie Tannell on the ice

As a young figure skater, I have always been enthralled by the work Bradie Tannell. This year, in 2021, she earned 9th place in the World Championships and 1st place in the National Championships. Her free skate program this year is titled, “Nuvole Bianche” by Ludovico Einaudi. She consistently delivers finesse in her footwork and passionate expression in her programs. Her humble personality, tenacity, and work ethic never fail to drop my jaw.

It is miraculous watching the growth of her artistry in her performance. She is trained to balance her grace and power to perfect harmony. Her favorite quote perfectly summarizes her optimistic mentality. The quote reads, “Dare if you want to. Don’t fear you’ll fall. Take a chance, ‘cause it’s better to chance it than never at all.”

In a Time magazine article, her value for determination is reflected by the following statement: “I had a renewed sense of motivation and was able to get down to business.” After suffering multiple stress fractures in her back, she was still inclined to work at her goals. Tennell is an incredible role model who’s accomplishments deserve to be more widely recognized. Check out more Shero Stories!


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