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Milestone 3 Achievement: Your Visual Identity

  • Fill out the editable template titled “HBICHQ Style Sheet”
You will be using Canva for this Milestone. Sign up for your free account if you haven’t done so already. INSTRUCTIONS:
  1. Once you click the link you will need to click FILE
  2. Select MAKE A COPY
  3. RENAME to include your First & Last Name in the file.
Once your form is filled out, you will need to download it to your computer and then upload your completed form here in order to get credit for Milestone 2 Achievement.
  • Click the link for the form: HBICHQ Style Sheet Template
  • Click FILE and select MAKE A COPY of this to your Canva account so you don’t override the template (everyone can see all edits and changes to this form, so be sure to make a copy
  • RENAME the file to include your first and last name and then download your completed form from Canva.
  • Upload your completed assignment to receive completion credit for this Lesson.

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