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Use the Productivity Techniques

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Choose and use each of the Productivity Techniques listed on the handout. To fulfill this lesson requirement you must document your experience. Be specific. Describe how each specific technique worked for you. Did you have a favorite one, and why? Use the following format for your assignment:
  • No Zero-Days
    • Keep a daily log for 1 week, describe what action you took each day towards your goals
    • How difficult was it to include these actions into your daily schedule?
  • Take 5
    • What you did in that five minutes
    • Did you end up continuing after the five minutes was up?
  • Make it a game
    • Describe what task you turned into a game.
    • Describe how the game worked, how you track “wins,” what rewards you set, etc
  • Set the Stage
    • What area, or stage, did you set up?
    • How difficult was this to find the time for this sort of preparation?
    • If you had to create a new space for this, how difficult was it to find or create that space?
  • Plan Ahead
    • How many times in the week were you able to keep this up?
    • In what ways did this sort of preparation help you tackle the day ahead?
  • Use Rituals
    • If your ritual was for quiet reflection, self-care, meditation, etc, how difficult was it to create time and space for this?
    • If you created a ritual around a specific action or task, what was that task?
      • Describe the ritual you created.
      • Did this change the way you approach that task? Did you feel more motivated, excited, calm, happy, etc?
  • Document your experience in Word, Google Docs, etc. using the format above.
  • Upload your completed assignment to receive completion credit for this Lesson.

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