Homework for Lesson Chapter 4 – Building a Business

Assignments for lesson "Chapter 4 - Building a Business"

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Milestone #4

  1. Brand Name

    Do the research to make sure this is a unique brand. Does it give a clue to what the business is? How does it measure up to your competitor’s brand names?

  2. Production Plan

    What will your brand produce. Is this a digital, physical, service-based, or a combination? Use your monthly income goal to determine how many products or service-hours you need to sell each month; then create a daily or weekly production plan based on this info.

  3. Launch Strategy Is it more appropriate for your brand to do a soft launch or a hard launch? Either way, list all the elements you need and steps you will take in order to achieve this launch.
You may use a free word editor, such as Google Docs to complete this assignment. Upload your document to receive credit.

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Assignment Handout: Anatomy of a Logo

  1. Download the following handout: Anatomy of Logo
  2. Design a new or optimized Logo for your Brand (you may use a free logo creator such as this one)
  3. Upload your New Logo image file to receive completion credit for this assignment.

Anatomy of Logo – Download Here

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