Homework for Lesson Chapter 1 – Your Personal Brand

Assignments for lesson "Milestone 1 - Your Personal Brand"

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Textbook Milestone #1

1. Rework Your Social Network. Go through your social media accounts to make sure the content, posts, and photos reflect an image that matches your personal brand. This is what potential employers or customers will see when they look you up, so think of this as your First Impression, and make sure it’s a good one.

2. Google Yourself. Did you find any off-brand photos, comments, etc? If so, do what you can to either remove it or disassociate your current social media profiles with it. Does your name pop up as a member of off-brand Facebook groups? Sometimes we get automatic invites for groups that may not reflect our values, so it’s a good idea to perform internet hygiene every now and then to make sure your personal brand stays on point.

3. Group Engagement. Either join 3 new relevant groups or participate in conversations of 3 relevant groups you’ve already joined. You can boost your personal brand by limiting your online engagement to groups that support or promote your personal brand, so instead of posting memes, you could be posting your personal brand’s journey.

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Bonus Milestone #1

  • Fill out the editable template titled “Brand Elements”
  • You will be using Canva for this Milestone. You can login for free with your gmail account.
  • Once you click the link you will need to click FILE
  • Select MAKE A COPY
  • RENAME to include your First & Last Name in the file.
  1. Click the link for the form: Editable HBICHQ Brand Elements Kit
  2. Click FILE and select MAKE A COPY of this to your Canva account so you don’t override the template (everyone can see all edits and changes to this form, so be sure to make a copy
  3. RENAME the file to include your first and last name and then download your completed form

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