Jenn Schiavone-Whorton

Vice President of HBIC HQ Foundation

Jenn Schiavone-Whorton

Board Certifications

Leadership Certifications

Certificate of Attendance: Quarterly Board Meeting

Nonprofit Essentials Certification

Fundraising Essentials Certificate

Certificate of Attendance: Leadership Event

2 times earned

Professional Bio

Jenn Schiavone-Whorton is an End of Life Doula, Spiritual Evolution Coach, Reverend, and Reiki Master Teacher. Jenn is also a professional mentor and holds an Advisory Chair for TuathaMuse, a personal and professional development community for people who live on the road or work on the road.

Joining HBIC HQ Foundation as Vice-President of the Board of Directors, Jenn hopes to help grow the mission of the foundation to meet the needs of those who need us the most.


Jenn Schiavone-Whorton

Certifications & Credentials

– Certified Mentor (HBICHQ Certified)
– Life Coaching Diploma (Achology Certified)
– Spiritual Life Coach (CTAA Certified)

– End of Life/Death Doula Certification
– Reiki Grand Master
– Reiki Master Teacher – Usui, Crystal, Karuna Ki
– Professional Spirituality Coach Diploma

Narcissistic Behavior and Relationships : Psychology Certification
Breatharian Healer
– Neuro-Linguistic Programming/Self-esteem Confidence Coaching
– Reverend of Light~LEWA/Light and Energy Workers Association
– Board Member for HBIC HQ Foundation: Vice President
– Board Member for TuathaMuse: Advisory Chair


Board Committee Committment

14 times earned

Board Development Award

2 times earned

Board Onboard Award

Discussion Leader Award

Discussion Starter Award

8 times earned

Happy Anniversary! Award

HBICHQ Discovery Award