Circle Challenge Info

Welcome to Women’s Circle Challenge

You may be wondering what the Women’s Circle Challenge is all about.

  • A Women’s Circle virtual gathering providing fun and engaging exercises to practice and hone skills and share progress with the Tribe.
  • Milestone-based hands-on educational experience focusing on business, professional, and personal development skills.
  • Results-centered approach based on proven S.M.A.R.T Goal principles and DMAIC Accomplishment principles.
  • Crafted to be completed in real time over the course of 4 weeks, with weekly scheduled virtual meetings (optional), including a virtual Graduation Awards Ceremony.
  • Virtual Milestone meetings (optional) begin on the 1st Monday of the Circle Challenge Month, Milestone meetings are held on subsequent Mondays, and the Graduation Awards Ceremony is held on the 4th Monday.
  • Active Circle Challenges can be found on our Events Page, participants can add the Milestone events to their personal Calendars as reminders.

Basic Circle Challenge Info:

  • Think of our Circle Challenges like brain games, as a fun way to introduce new skills or develop current skills and build “mental muscle memory.” It’s all about the learning and the fun along the way.
  • Each Circle Challenge is 4 weeks long. Each week focuses on the accomplishment of results-oriented Milestones.
  • Progression to the next week is unlocked by completing each Milestone in time. Because these challenges are timed, access to only the current Milestone may be available.
  • Circle Challenges are community-driven opportunities to challenge ourselves, learn a new skill, and have a lot of fun together as we support each other through each milestone. 
  • These events are limited-capacity, HBIC HQ Membership is required for registration. Free membership is available.
  • Each Circle Challenge is created and led by certified Mentors and include group guidance through each skill and milestone.