Self expression and Self love: Basit Shittu

When it comes to Self expression and Self love, Basit Shittu is a shining example of taking one’s own power from a society that would rather render them powerless. 

They ARE the One

Basit, also known as the drag queen Dionne Slay, is an ambassador for self-expression. Having grown up in a conservative Nigerian household, it wasn’t until they got to college they were able to fully explore their sexuality and gender expression, which they explored on “Are You The One.”

Basit Shittu was a cast member during season 8 on the popular MTV dating show “Are You the One.” This season was unlike any other since it was the first sexually fluid cast whereas the previous show model was 10 men and 10 women. In season 8 any of the 16 cast members could be matched up together. This allowed for people who don’t fit into the gender binary to shine.  

Beauty Beyond the Binary

Basit is a nonbinary person who uses they/them pronouns. Throughout the season they constantly have to defend their identity and explain themselves to other cast members.

Basit and their perfect match Jonathan

Despite this frustrating experience, they are confident in themselves which is exhibited the most during the Queer Prom segment where they dress in their drag persona Dionne Slay. 

Basit Shittu as their drag queen persona Dionne Slay

Sexuality and Gender is Fluid

Although Basit and their perfect match did not ultimately stay together, they still live in New York and are active on Instagram as well as other social media. They are an advocate for trans rights and BIPOC rights, and an artist. They released a song called “Fluid” in 2020 which discusses their gender identity. 

Basit is an inspiration to many with their self expression and self love.

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