Art and Activism: Wednesday Holmes

Art and activism are typically tied together since those who are revolutionary tend to have a creative mind. Creativity is vital to imagining a better world. This is the case with Wednesday Holmes, a Nonbinary Lesbian Queer artist (They/Them pronouns) who is known all over the world. Wednesday is an experienced content creator and activist, and has worked with a wide variety of clients. 

Their name is Wednesday

According to Wednesday’s website: 

Wednesday Holmes is a London based Illustrator, Designer, Writer, and Queer community organizer with Voices 4 London and Far and Pride. They taught a Queer illustration tutorial for the Tate London, and have had their artwork exhibited by the V&A and the Heller Gallery in New York.

Art with an impact

Their main art project is based on Instagram, where Wednesday shares artworks, photographs and writing about and for queer people to a global audience. In fact, Instagram commissioned Wednesday to create a piece of art about love and connection during the pandemic.

Wednesday’s work seeks to provide education, empathy and kindness. Their art covers a range of topics such as mental health, recovery and unity. Alongside this Wednesday makes pro bono artworks for queer community organizing around the world, combining their art and activism repeatedly.

The importance of diversity

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Wednesday has received worldwide recognition for their artistic contributions for the queer community online. In 2019, Instagram made a short documentary about Wednesday’s art practice which has 9.3 million views. They were also part of a documentary named Soul of a Movement about the modern queer rights movement in the UK and Ireland.

The work of Queer artists like Wednesday Holmes is vital to the continuation of activism for demographics that are systemically discriminated against such as Transgender, Nonbinary, and Gender-Nonconforming individuals. Wednesday’s art is a shining example that being Queer is a happy and positive way of life, one that is full of love, community, and kindness.

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