Turn the Key to Success Presents:

AHA Branson: Merchandise Design Business

Turn the Key to Success is sister program for Pave the Path to Success graduates. This program was created for those who know they want to be their own boss without starting from scratch.

AHA Branson is a proud sponsor for this program.

Sponsors are local or online businesses that provide the framework, materials, and services needed for our graduates to build a financial foundation and a lifetime of opportunities for success. Graduates of the Turn the Key to Success program are eligible to take over as Operator or Boss and start earning from day one!

AHA Branson is an online seller’s market place where artists and designers can focus on creating.

Here’s a bit about us:

  • We are an artist-centric online storefront in partnership with the 501c3 nonprofit HBIC HQ Foundation’s educational program Turn the Key to Success.
  • We handle all of the backend business of editing and populating an online storefront so our artists can focus on creating instead.
  • Each artist at AHA Branson are given their own Storefront and Artist’s Page so they can promote their work and start earning from day 1!
  • Our curated community of artists also receive free entry to optional local craft fairs & workshops to network and expand their audience.