Startup Incubation Grant Application

HBIC HQ Startup Incubation Grant Program is a merit-based program that may be applied for by qualifying members who complete the application process and meet certain eligibility requirements. Grants are awarded via unanimous vote from our Board of Directors and a select Committee; votes are based on materials and information supplied by the applicant during the application process.

Upon receiving a positive, unanimous vote, a Grant will be awarded to the approved Startup Company. This Grant is to provide funds to help cover the fees of the Women’s Startup Incubutor program, which includes access to the support and tools needed to nurture the grant recipient through the business creation process, relevant to the level of the awarded grant amount.

As a non-profit organization, our Women’s Startup Incubator is a platform designed to nurture and guide women entrepreneurs through the process of creating their startup business, regardless of budget or resources; any paid portions directly support this grant program. Grants are awarded on a yearly basis. Read about some of our past Startup Incubator Grant Success Stories!