Patrick Christell

Community & Development Chair of HBIC HQ Foundation

Patrick Christell

Board Certifications

Leadership Certifications

Certificate of Attendance: Leadership Event

2 times earned

Professional Bio

Patrick Christell has been recruiting for the better part of his adult life. He has never, up until this point been so wholly excited as am about (1.) a technology, (2.) a collective mindset, (3.) potential for actual change and (4.) the realization that a company will win out in the space in which they are positioned.

Patrick joins the Board of the HBIC HQ Foundation as the Chair of Community and Development. He also serves as Board Member Emeritus of the Farm Food Freedom Coalition.


Patrick Christell

Certifications & Credentials

– Sourcer Certification (TSI Certified)
– Board Member for HBIC HQ Foundation: Community & Development Chair
– Board Member Emeritus for the Farm Food Freedom Coalition


Board Committee Committment

Board Development Award

2 times earned

Board Onboard Award